Matiky Interiors


Founders of Matiky Interiors Simona Dall’Argine and Simone Salardi graduated in Architecture in Florence, Italy, nurtured and constantly inspired by its beauty, its historical and cultural heritage, its art and deep values for tradition and craftsmanship that profoundly influenced their design careers.

Simone and Simona, husband and wife, worked for many years in Tuscany, Italy, collaborating with renowned architecture and interior design studios, working on high-end and unique properties, new build and historical, residential and commercial, always finding the right balance between classical and contemporary style.

In 2005 they founded their architecture and interior design practice, based in Sardinia, Italy, and in 2017 expanded in the UK with a base in Windsor, offering a comprehensive design service backed by over twenty years of experience in the luxury interior design sector.


Driven by true passion for design, Simona and Simone possess an extensive knowledge on the global panorama of design, and built strong relationships with the most renowned luxury furniture brands, mostly Italian but also Portuguese, Spanish, German, valuing quality of products, attention to details, craftsmanship and sustainability.

Matiky Interiors is one of the very few design practises offering in-house purchasing of a wide selection of prime furniture brands and bespoke products, allowing the design team to conceive comprehensive projects with only one point of contact for the client.

Whether you are interested in one single furniture product, or in a full-house interior design service, or in the specification and procurement of the furniture for your client’s project, we offer full assistance ensuring time-saving, flawless and smooth processes.


Our extensive experience in high-end interior design projects, constantly shows us that what makes a project special and successful is the quality of the experience our clients have living their spaces.

Experiences are not only visual but involve all of the senses, stimulated by the balance of volumes and shapes, textures, colours, light, style, functionality, practicality…

We concentrate on the experiences our clients will have living their spaces, to ensure they will feel amazingly looking at them, living them, being surrounded and cuddled by them.


Beauty is certainly one of the most debatable concept of all times. We deeply believe in the importance of understanding what beauty means for each of our clients. We then complement it with the right balance of design principles, functionality, elegance, comfort, practicality, quality, colours, textures and products, all equally fundamental to tailor a personal “interior garment”.