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Olivieri is a family-owned business since 1929.
Working with wood since the age of 9, Gregorio Olivieri founded Olivieri in Rimini, Northern Italy, as a small laboratory that in few years became a carpentry with 120 employees. 
After three generations, Olivieri today is renowned across Italy and abroad in more that 50 countries.

Covering high-end living, night and dressing rooms with astonishing products of prime quality materials, finishes and colours, their collections are unique combination of craftsmanship and a wide range of customisable elements. They are the boutique-carpenters. A large family owned, industrialised joinery. They industrialised the world of custom design.
They provide single products as well as floor-to-ceiling walls with integrated industrialised and custom made elements that focus on the entire space as a seamless concept.

Specialised in wood and Italian leaders in the production of honey-comb-plywood, their materials are of highest quality only: high-grade wood veneers, matt or glossy lacquers, glasses or marbles.