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“GANDIABLASCO always seeks essentiality and timelessness in its creations, our natural inspiration source has always been the Mediterranean where, for several millennia, the cultures that inhabited the area created different forms of expression in any discipline.”

Jose’ A. Gandia-Blasco Canales, Gandia Blasco Art Director

Gandia Blasco is based in Valencia, Spain.
Furniture and pergolas collections are of essential design, made of architectural minimal lines.
Products are elegant, functional, distinctive and exclusive in their unique design. They complement each other elegantly to create outdoor environments to be enjoyed in the Mediterranean style. 
Gandia Blasco seeks excellence offering innovative products of the highest quality, constantly researching for technical improvements on products and materials, to guarantee durable products composed of almost 100% recyclable materials that meet excellent performance expectations over time. Gandia Blasco creates timeless design without expiring dates or following trends, valuing the cultural and historical heritage and its impact on future generations.