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Edra is one of the keystones of luxury Italian design. The company represents the evolution of modern technology and artistic tradition.Its production is the result of a combination of inventive talent, sophisticated manual skills, research about materials and innovative technologies.
From this attitude come products so well crafted as to be unique and unmistakable:
sofa and furniture that adapt to many different environments, traditional or contemporary homes, public spaces and museums around the world.

Research for new materials and technologies is one of the key elements of Edra identity. 
Each specific project is created with dedicated materials characterised by particular sensory and emotional qualities. Materials capable of transmitting tactile and visual sensations that enhance the shape.  The great technical complexity, translated into extreme simplicity of use, is combined with the intrinsic hand-made that is key part of the manufacturing process. Manual expertise cultivated by years of experience assure exceptional quality to each of Edra products.

Renown names in the design industry sign Edra products: Jacopo Foggini, Francesco Binfare’, Masanori Umeda, Fernando and Umberto Campana, Mario Cananzi and Roberto Semprini, to name a few.
Their work with Edra brings to life products with incredible comfort achieved with their several patented inventions, and characterised by unique design.